Best Online Furniture Stores Germany

October 14, 2021 by Admin

Online retail has exploded over the past 18 months thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, online retailers like Amazon, QVC, and Home24 enjoy record profits worldwide, including in Germany.

According to sales revenue and customer reviews on Trustpilot, here are the top 10 online furniture stores Germany.

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Otto is officially Germany’s largest online retailer, accommodating homeware, furniture, fashion, and lifestyle items. The company was founded in Hamburg in 1949 by Werner Otto. It grew from a small mail-order catalog company into the multinational empire it is today.

Currently, the company employs over 50,000 staff and turns an annual revenue of around $5 billion. Not satisfied with dominating the eCommerce world, Otto holds shares in numerous other retail, financial, and real estate companies.

2020 revenue growth: 39.6%

Trustpilot rating: 4.0 (Great)


It’s almost impossible to go anywhere in the world to find someone who hasn’t heard of IKEA. IKEA is one of the most popular brands, thanks to its reasonable pricing of flat-pack, self-assembly furniture. Founded in Sweden in 1943 by 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad, the company has evolved into a dominating behemoth of the furniture world.

IKEA currently operates 445 stores over five continents with an employee number of 208,000. IKEA’s dedication to high-quality furniture, homeware, in addition to bathroom and kitchen installations, makes it an annual revenue of around $50 billion.

2020 revenue growth: 48.3%

Trustpilot rating: 1.5 (Bad)

Ikea furniture store


Between 2020 and 2021, Amazon earned record profits by almost 30% due to increased online shopping. These sales subsequently make the company’s owner, Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world.

The online shopping giant sells almost everything and, as such, earns annual revenue of nearly $400 billion. It is also one of the world’s largest employers, with 1,335,000 staff operating its warehouses, distribution, fulfillment, AI, and streaming services.

2020 revenue growth: 30.7%

Trustpilot rating: 2.0 (Bad)

Amazon furniture stores


Perhaps one of the most inspiring furniture companies, Wayfair is a true success story. Founded in 2002 by two friends, with a makeshift office in Boston, USA, the company now operates worldwide thanks to its 17,000 employees.

Wayfair’s army of staff dedicates themselves to making it one of the best known in the world. Before the first physical store opened in 2019, the company was the world’s largest online-only furniture retail outlet and currently makes $14 billion annually.

2020 revenue growth: 42.6%

Trustpilot rating: 4.0 (Great)

Wayfair furniture stores germany


Home24 styles itself as the online destination for home and living. And with good reason. Operating right across Europe and Brazil, they offer a wide range of high-quality home goods such as tables and chairs, lamps, and sofas. In addition, they cover room-specific items.

The company has been in production since 2009. In just 12 years, it has become one of Germany’s most popular brands with 2.4 million active customers. As such, annual revenue steadily increases, and Home24 saw a record number of $581 million in 2020.

2020 revenue growth: 38.1%

Trustpilot rating: 4.2 (Great)

Home24 furniture stores germany


Know as one of the best budget supermarkets in the UK, Lidl has become one of the nation’s most respected companies. The company was founded in 1973 by Josef Schwartz, who took his friend’s name for the store since the appropriate “Schwartzmarkt” translates as the black market in English.

In addition to offering great deals on food and drink, Lidl, like many supermarkets, also carries a wide range of furniture and homeware items. The difference is that Lidl offers remarkably low prices when compared to other outlets. Lidl currently operates in 29 nations with 315,000 employees turning a revenue of almost $70 billion per year.

2020 revenue growth: 21.9%

Trustpilot rating: 3.6 (Average)

Lidl furniture stores germany


A specialized furniture retailer, Bett1 manufactures one of Germany’s best-selling bedding accessories, the Bodyguard Anti-Kartell mattress. They also offer alternative and patented sleeping aids such as adjustable bed frames, ergonomic pillows, and thermal cotton blankets.

The company was started in 2004 and has risen in prominence because of its dedication to developing high-quality products. As such, it has sold over 3 million units of its flagship mattress and turns a revenue of almost $200 million annually.

2020 revenue growth: 3.0%

Trustpilot rating: 4.7 (Excellent)

Bett1 furniture stores

XXX Lutz

Despite its ominous name that is more reminiscent of something from the far side of the web, XXX lutz is one of the finest furniture retailers available. Their offerings are always trendy and contemporary, with a design flair for the classic and functional.

While XXX Lutz is one of Germany’s most beloved online homeware retailers, it is an Austrian company. Since 1945, XXX Lutz was founded through a passion for handcrafted furniture by a husband and wife team. Today, it employs 25,000 staff and turns a revenue of $60 billion.

2020 revenue growth: 17.1%

Trustpilot rating: 2.4 (Poor)

XXX Lutz furniture stores


Perhaps more luxurious than other online furniture and homeware retailers, Westwing supplies high-end décor and accessories to mainland Europeans. Since 2011, the group has aspired to be the leading inspiration-based eCommerce home and living provider for the affluent.

The unique approach of Westwing makes them more than a simple retailer since they also offer décor tips and amazing collections from famous luxury brands. As such, 85% of its customers are repeat clients who contributed to a 62% revenue increase in 2020, equating to $505 million.

2020 revenue growth: 61.7%

Trustpilot rating: 4.6 (Excellent)

Westwing furniture stores


QVC is perhaps best known as one of the world’s premier shopping TV channels. Yet, its commitment to providing quality products extends to online retail. Founded in 1993 as an exclusive commercial predict seller for Sky TV, the company now operates across multiple media and broadcast systems.

In addition to almost any product imaginable, the company also stocks home décor and homeware items from established brands such as Martha Stewart, Home Worx, and Scott Living. The proud history and extended reach of QVC allow it to generate increased revenue each year, with a record $11 billion in sales during 2020.

2020 revenue growth: 24.8%

Trustpilot rating: 1.8 (Poor)

QVC furniture stores


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