Best Online Furniture Stores In Israel

October 21, 2021 by Admin

Are you looking for some of the best Furniture Stores In Israel? Great, in this list we’ve got some of the top options that you should be considering when you choose to furnish your home. Whether you are in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, you need to think about choosing high quality and affordable furniture to make your home look beautiful and functional. So, with this in mind, here are some of the top furniture stores in Israel

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United Seats, Israel

United Seats are the leading furniture supplier in Israel. They supply furniture for the food, hotel, institutional, office and nightlife sectors on a commercial level. United Seats is not just one company, however, as there are two merged companies involved in their success. Pikap Tel Aviv were a company supplying bar chairs and Classic Garden offered garden furniture that remained comfortable for all. Both companies bring more than two decades of experience to the table and thousands of customers from all areas and industries, too.

Most recently, United Seats has turned toward a private market and has become more accessible for private clients. The spectrum of furniture offered ranges from interior bar stools to sofas and armchairs for the home. Whether you are furnishing residential or commercial property, you can rely on United Seats to offer you what you need. There is a huge showroom on offer with United Seats, allowing you to see the offerings of one of the best Furniture Stores In Israel. The service is rich and professional and they have consultants who will talk you through furnishing your space. Customers can guarantee a fast and efficient service from the items in stock to the communication on offer. You can shop online quickly and easily to ensure that you get the furniture that you need.

United Seats Furniture Stores

Kare Design

Opening in Rozanski, Kare Design offers 1300qm² of beautiful and quirky furniture for people to choose from. You can shop online with Kare Design, and across their social media platforms they advertise the options available – including sale pieces. The furniture can also be ordered via email and telephone for those who don’t have much access to social media. There is a Wishlist function on the website, and any time you find a piece of furniture that you like, click the heart and it is added to the list.

The Kare Design universe is all about finding new inspiration and their furniture pieces are there to ensure that you can correctly plan for your home as you need to. The interior consultants involved are there for you as a customer – all you need to do is call up and ask them for help! They have accessories and lighting options as well as over 1000 pieces that will help you to find the best inspiration for your home. It’s one of the best Furniture Stores In Israel for the fact that the inspiration it can offer is like nothing else!

Kare Design Furniture Stores

Bamboo Furniture Israel

This online furniture store is one of the best Furniture Stores In Israel. They sell furniture and interior design and you can find something for every room of the house. The online catalog offers more than 5,000 products, so residents and commercial clients can kit out their space with ease. The best thing? These furniture pieces are always at the best possible price. You can find the right convertible furniture options when you shop at, and the choice of furniture doesn’t end there. There are more material options than most places with furniture for sale, and you can even choose the size options that suit you, too.

The centrepieces of the home are included here, from the sofas you pick for the lounge to the dining options that you choose for the dining room. You can develop a selection of furnishings that match your taste when you choose to buy with Bamboo Israel. The furniture options will suit the ambience of your home, and you can be comfortable with your decisions, too. The best bit? The prices are affordable – so they’re not exclusively for the wealthy!

Bamboo Furniture Stores

Penthouse Furniture, Israel

At the forefront of the Israeli design world is the penthouse design. It’s a piece of inspiration that focuses on original furnishings and the designers at Penthouse furniture offer so much in the way of choice for all shoppers who arrive at the website. The rooms themselves are designed in a way that are boutique and unique to your tastes. With the best quality, raw materials, you can choose furnishings with the highest possible perfect finish levels. This results in a product that offers the best quality, is durable, functional and comfortable. Penthouse Furniture is one of the best Furniture Stores In Israel because their items vary. From retro options to clean, modern furnishings, these are items that respond to personal taste. Choosing Penthouse Furniture is a great option if you are shopping for furniture in Israel.

Penthouse Furniture Stores building

Lavi Furniture, Israel

Did you know that Lavi is the inspired source for synagogue interiors? The experts at Lavi Furniture work to build and design your synagogue, and they do it all with your vision in mind. Since the early 1960s, Lavi Furniture has been a leader for furniture supply for Jewish centres and synagogues. This is a specialist area of furniture for the furniture store industry, because it services over 5,300 Jewish communities around the world. There are many in the community who have placed their trust in craftsmanship and know-how, and they have experienced what it’s like to walk into a synagogue inspired by Lavi. With over 100 employees and 5,000 meters of space covered, you can bet that the furniture here is created to the highest calibre. The biggest area that they excel in includes quality control, where inspectors will ensure that no piece of furniture leaves the plant without excellence stamped across it. The individuals at Lavi take pride in working together closely to ensure that your furniture requirements are met. They aim to provide a comfortable environment – as you can see, they do it well!

Lavi Furniture Stores building

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