Best Online Furniture Stores In Italy

October 22, 2021 by Admin

Italy is known for style. It’s no secret that the country has got some of the most recognized fashion and style brands in the world. Whether it be Gucci, Armani, Prada, or Versace, everyone knows that Italy has had a huge hand in shaping the modern fashion and style that we enjoy today. So when it comes to furniture in the Furniture Stores In Italy, you should expect nothing less than the best of the best in the way of design, fabrics, colors and just sheer extravagance. So we took the time to make a list of the best online furniture stores in Italy, making sure to go through them all and rank them in terms of their modern approach to how we design our homes.

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Their famous Soriana chairs are low to the ground, they’re really modern floor seats. They have plenty of cushioning and their colors are positively from the 70s and 80s era of glamor. With the bright velvety oranges and the playful greys with red accents, it’s an incredibly unique but Italian vibe in their living room showrooms. The Soriana design is pretty much a play on the button-hole or chaise style surface which gives better support to your body. You are also less likely to sit and crease your clothes as a result.

And their modern geometry and minimalist coffee table, Accordo, is a great centerpiece of your living room or lounge. It is low to the ground also, which makes sense to buy the entire set so no one has to reach too far down to get their drink. And their hardwood standing man side table made from light Italian wood, with a circular glass sheet is another great addition to an Italian minimalist home.

Cassina furniture store


They started it all in 1970 and have been making chic pieces ever since. Their sofas are really interesting. They are made out of supreme Italian leather, but the cushions are very large. This means that you get a lot of support and yet, you don’t actually sit low to the ground. The usual support that you would find made of wood, is actually halved in size and the cushions do all the rest. Their round fabric seating is great because it provides one smooth back and arm support surface. Their colors are uniquely Italian, mainly coffee, pearl and dark greys.

Arflex furniture store


Once again, prepare to see a lot of coffee and espresso colors in your living room. Their sofas are low to the ground but they provide plenty of support. Their corner sofas are fantastic for a large family living room.

The end allows for someone to lie down, while the other 3 to 4 cushions provide enough room for everyone else to sit comfortably without being boxed in. As you will see in many Italian brands, they only do leather if it’s worth it, because there is a lot of choices for fabrics. Of course, their velvet, cotton and wool materials are very popular for sofas too.

Zanotta furniture store


Let’s talk about custom armchairs. This brand is practically a boutique, with it’s very creative and mind spinning items such as their ‘move’ chair. They have a list of traditional armchairs in the classic Italian cream and coffee duality. But they also do very sophisticated armchairs you can have in a special room, such as the reading room or conservatory. Take a look at their ‘tilt’ and ‘hug’ armchairs. You can customize them for the color of the armrests, from coffee, walnut and black. They give you a choice to configure your materials, colors and size.

Giorgetti furniture store (1)


If you want the most contemporary kitchen in the world, you need to contact Boffi or go on their website. They have perfected the tuxedo kitchen, which is a duo of black and white. The island can be in a stylish black marble slab, with white barstools and minimalist seating. Their countertop, sink and food prep piece comes in a solid black with a slightly dull finish. This matte finish is countered with light wood accents and storage spaces, along with some stainless steel supports.

Boffi furniture store


One can only describe their style as somewhat of a mixture of minimalism, curves, sophisticated, clinical and dainty. It’s a lot to wrap your head around, but their vintage collection piece of the D.154.2 armchair is a great example. The sides are tall and swooping, but the back is a little lower. So you can sit back, rest your arms up high and your head low, almost like you are in a swing seat position. Their Hector bookshelves are great for any home with an open plan. Completely minimalist, colored in black with wide and tall openings for your books, items and decorations to be placed.

Molteni furniture store


If you want weird, daring yet modern furniture, this brand is the way to go. Cappellini says they are fostering avant-garde ideas and they are not lying. Their 3 vases created by Francois Azambourg are incredibly art deco and yet also, neo-urban. The colors are very daring, and the shapes don’t offset but compliment each other. Check out their bambi dining table for a real insight into their style. It’s going to go well with their small but curvy Bac Two chair. Something you will notice too is their love of lime green. As you will notice all throughout this list, there are many brands in Italy that positively love green in their pieces. Green and orange seem to be the two favorites here as well.

Cappellini furniture store


If you want modern Italian villa style, this is the brand to go to. Porro makes lightweight but comfortable decor. Their sofas are made of fabric, with low and receding armrests, along with large but flat coffee tables. This kind of style is great for a villa where you want to have minimal edges that rise and plenty of space to lounge and relax. It’s perfect for a holiday home.

Porro furniture store

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