Best Online Furniture Stores In Sri Lanka

December 28, 2021 by Admin

Furniture stores in Sri Lanka are not easy to come by. The furniture sector is one of the worst when it comes to catering to the local populace. Finding a suitable furniture piece is a difficult endeavor. Shopping online requires a significant amount of research and planning. It is important to make sure that you pick out a good furniture store that has a wide range of products to offer. Here that being said, there is a lot of promise in the furniture sector, and there are also a number of great furniture stores available on the market.

Furniture is a functional and aesthetic component that maximizes our comfort in the workplace and in our homes. We talk about components that aim to make our lives much easier. The following lines will discuss the best furniture stores in Sri Lanka.

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1. Steelex Steel Furniture

Steelex Steel Furniture is the largest online furniture store in Sri Lanka. They are a global furniture superstore. They supply high-quality furniture to all nationalities in Sri Lanka. They have skilled staff and will assist you with everything in their stores. They have a wide variety of furniture that is homely and of high quality. They have the best prices in Sri Lanka for all types of furniture. You can visit their website and see for yourself the vast selection of top-quality furniture that they have to offer.

This furniture store carries a wide range of furniture in various styles and sizes. Steelex Steel Furniture is owned by the same group as Styles by steel, the major Sri Lankan furniture shop that carries brands like Slimline furniture and Lebo furniture.

2. Sandella Furniture

Sandella Furniture is a brand that you can trust. They are an online furniture retailer that provides a great range of products. They offer furniture at low prices and good quality so that you can order from them anytime you like.

They are Sri Lanka’s number one furniture store and they’ve been in the Sri Lanka furniture business for twenty-five years. Sandella Furniture is a family-run business, which has been in Sri Lanka for twenty-five years. Sandella Furniture has over thirty employees, who are proud to take care of its customers and provide excellent service. Sandella Furniture provides a variety of Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Home Furnishings, Windows, Bathroom Furniture, Cabinets, Chairs, Rugs, Tables, Projectors, Fixtures, Lighting, and many more.

3. Royal Furnishers

Royal Furnishers is a leading online furniture store in Sri Lanka and one of the largest Furniture Stores In Sri Lanka on the web. Royal Furnishers specializes in online  Furniture Stores In Sri Lanka and furniture. They have in stock everything you could ever want including office furniture, concert halls, and houses. Buying your furniture online is backed by many advantages compared to buying from wall shops. You can get your furniture at an affordable price and be assured of the quality and freshness of your purchases.

Their goal is to meet the needs of both their customers and their dealers, and they aim to be the top choice for both categories. Royal Furnishers offers the very best in traditional, contemporary, and industrial furnishing designs at affordable prices.


3star Furniture on Sale SA is the only Furniture store available in Sri Lanka. Their main objective is to provide you with all products in the latest and trendy way for their customers. They offer all types of products, stylish furniture and accessories, and accessories that you would like. Their products are designed with Quality and designed fashion.

They have 3-star Furniture prices and quality, if you want to order furniture and accessories, please contact them by any of the numbers they offer. All of their products are designed and developed in-house to provide you with the best quality at affordable prices. The 3STAR Furniture Online store is famous for its range of quality products at a competitive price.

5. is Sri Lanka’s leading online furniture store. They are a family-run business, established in April 2016, and are proud to offer world-class, high-quality products with amazing customer service. They’ve helped thousands of customers across Sri Lanka to find their perfect furniture piece and are always happy to provide advice to their satisfied customers.

They offer an online furniture store with a wide range of products. From contemporary furniture to creative and modern pieces with different styles, they have something for every taste and budget. Find the perfect online furniture store in Sri Lanka at But how does such a store do it? Through hard work and determination.

6. is a furniture store from Sri Lanka which is run by a group of professionals. Local furniture professionals are educated, experienced and skilled. As a result, presents the best quality products and can offer excellent customer service to the customers. offers a wide range of products for home and furniture. Home furniture, restaurant furniture, garden furniture, beach furniture, bed & dining sets, coffee table & end tables, kitchen & dining furniture, TV stand & coffee table, bath & shower furniture, etc.

In the past, furniture was always a luxury item. People bought them for their looks, and then threw them away or sold them for a profit, but that is no longer the case today. Today, people are buying quality furniture as soon as they can and keeping them for longer periods of time. This has put a huge demand on the furniture industry, and it is up to Furniture Stores In Sri Lanka to be able to meet this demand.

7. Heritage House Furniture

Heritage House Furniture is an online furniture store that offers a wide variety of products, as well as delivers them to your doorstep. If you are looking for a new dining room table, a living room set, or a bedroom set, then they’d be happy to help you out. Heritage House Furniture is a 100% online furniture store offering high-quality furniture at affordable prices in Sri Lanka.

If you’re looking to buy furniture online in Sri Lanka, Heritage House place to go. They’re specialized in importing and distributing beautiful, high-quality furniture at very affordable prices. Their store has evolved from being a specialist distributor and seller of old furniture to now offering high-quality modern furniture at attractive prices.

8. Arpico Furniture Ltd

ARPICO FURNITURE LTD is the first company in Sri Lanka to fabricate and deliver quality commercial furniture to its domestic & international market. ARPICO FURNITURE has been producing commercial furniture since 1983 and is the largest in Sri Lanka currently. ARPICO has been operating in Sri Lanka since 1983 under the name ARPICO FURNITURE LTD and has been producing quality commercial furniture both domestically as well as internationally.

They offer furniture, home furnishing, and accessories at market-leading prices. They have an online inventory of over 2000 items with shipping available on all orders, meaning you can order online and get your furniture shipped in just a few days. Their furniture prices are the lowest on the market, their free shipping and free returns make retrieving your furniture easy, and their customer service is the best.

9. Cityro.Lk

Welcome to ONLINE Furniture Stores in Sri Lanka, largest online furniture store in Sri Lanka. They have a wide range of products that are suitable for everyone from beginners to professionals. They will help you pick the right product for your home or office. is an online furniture store offering a wide range of products mixed in modern and contemporary styles in Sri Lanka’s different areas. Guys, girls, children, and babies – they have what you need.

10. Furniture.Lk is one place where you can get your favorite pieces of furniture at an affordable price. They have an extensive range of products mixed in modern and contemporary styles, with online furniture and home design shops in Sri Lanka that are offering the best deals on furniture that meet your vision. You can find practically all types of furniture from beds, workbench to tables, chairs, and others, combined with their huge selection of contemporary and traditional furniture products on the World Wide Web.

They cleverly designed a furniture store that lets you view their range of products before purchasing. They have a furniture store in Colombo, Kandy, Galle, and Battaramulla. They take pride in their reasonable prices as well as their quality. Their inventory of furniture is available for viewings.

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