Best Online Furniture Stores In Switzerland

November 04, 2021 by Admin

With many companies going online to sell their products, finding exactly what you need has never been easier. Furniture is one of the many categories of products that can be found online but looking for that perfect piece can often be difficult when you have no idea where to start. Below are the top 10 furniture stores in Switzerland, ranked by popularity and appeal.

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1. Galaxus

Galaxus is the largest online shop in Switzerland that offers a range of products so diverse that you could find just about anything that you would ever need from this single online platform. The company prides itself on offering low priced products with a free delivery service that is fast, and reliable to keep its customers coming back. Galaxus has also teamed up with the Swiss market leader for IT, consumer electronics, and telecommunications, Digitech, to form one online consumer giant, Digitech Galaxus AG.


2. Qoqa

Qoqa is an online platform that can help you find just about anything, from a five star getaway to household furniture and electronic gadgets. To find furniture on this site, navigate to the Qhome page which is devoted entirely to interior and exterior decoration, and even well-being and creative activities. This site works by offering new deals every day so if you are looking for something specific then you might not always find it, however, sign up to their mailing list and you can expect some fantastic deals emailed to you regularly.

Quoqa Furniture Stores

3. Pfister

Pfister is a large online store for quality Swiss furniture and accessories. Pfister offers a service where their own skilled interior design team can help you to find exactly what you are looking for to make the rooms in your home as personal as possible.

Along with the online shop, Pfister also has stores open across Switzerland so that you can go and take a look at the products before you order. Nevertheless, using the online consultation service you can have products made to measure to give you peace of mind that they’ll be the perfect fit.

4. Wohnhilfe

At Wohnhilfe furniture store you can find and interesting range of high-end furniture from across thirty design brands across Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. Wohnhilfe has been a leader in the Swiss furniture market since 1945 when it was initiated by a Zurich based designer, Jacob Muller. Since then the company has been selling functional, high-quality furniture and expanding their portfolio both in their popular store and online shop. If style and durability are your top priorities then Wohnhilfe is the perfect online furniture store to browse through.

Wohnhilfe furniture store

5. Beliani

Beliani is a large online store selling everything from bedroom furniture to hot tubs and home accessories. They have a high success rate with consumers, with most rating them between four and five stars out of five. This might be thanks to the service benefits offered by the company, such as free shipping and free return, right to return within 365 days, warranty up to five years, and many more. Beliani regularly promotes offers on furniture items so it is best to subscribe to their mailing list to avoid missing out on any deals.

Beliani furniture store


Vedia is a popular choice for interior decorations, clothing, and household appliances at low prices, however, they do offer a wide range of furniture for your home and garden. This is a mail-order company that originated in 1971 and is located in Geneva, Switzerland. On this site, you can find a diverse range of products, including branded items, at budget prices which can become even lower if you head to the sale page. Whether you are searching for a specific piece of furniture or just looking to waste time browsing for early Christmas gifts, Vedia can provide you with everything you’ll need at fair prices.

Vedia furniture store

7. Angela-Bruderer

At Angela-Bruderer you’ll find unique pieces of furniture such as designer footstools and even garden rugs for creating an alfresco lounge area. This online store also has a wide range of bespoke accessories for indoor and outdoor living for adding that personal touch to your home. While you shop for your furniture at Angela-Bruderer you could also be tempted into adding a bottle or two of Cognac into the basket so there’s no doubt that you’ll have a pleasant experience when browsing this online shop.

Angela-Bruderer furniture store


Westwing is quite an exclusive furniture shop where you need to become a member to benefit from their enticing deals. The good news is that you can register for free and once you join the club you’ll gain access to loads of top brands with up to 70% off and find out about the newest sales every day. This is a popular site for furniture lovers, with over 31 million members already signed up and benefiting from Westwing’s exclusive deals.

WestWing furniture store


Bonprix is a website where you can find clothes, furniture, Christmas decorations, and accessories all in one, easy to navigate the site. Although the site is geared more towards fashion, the website offers a diverse range of furniture at very affordable prices. If you’re looking to purchase a large, expensive piece of furniture then Bonprix can offer you a discount and five weeks without paying a penny, when you open a flexiway account.

Bonprix Furniture Stores In Switzerland


Ottos is a family-owned organization that took its store online in 2007 and has been providing the best new offers on a wide range of products ever since. This is a business to watch out for since their number one priority is sourcing as many products as they can to sell at discounted prices for consumers to look no further than their online shop. Otto’s product range is continually expanding and so is their company which now employ around 2000 employees all across Switzerland.

There are many online furniture stores in Switzerland to choose from depending on whether your priority is big brands, low prices, or bespoke items. Have a look at the top 10 most popular furniture stores to narrow down your search and help find exactly what you are looking for without the added fuss.

Ottos furniture store

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