Best Online Furniture Stores Japan

October 15, 2021 by Admin

Over the past couple of years, online retail has enjoyed record profits due partly to lockdown orders due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Because of this, online retailers in many countries have enjoyed massive profits all over the world. Many are globally recognized outlets, and some are national companies based in nations such as Japan.

According to Trustpilot customer reviews and sales revenue, here are the top 9 online furniture stores Japan.

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Amazon earned record profits of almost 30% over the 18 months of the worst of the pandemic, due to increased online shopping. These sales subsequently make the company’s owner, Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world.

The massive online retailer sells almost everything and, as such, earns annual revenue of nearly $400 billion. It is also one of the world’s largest employers, with 1,335,000 staff operating its notorious warehouses, distribution and fulfillment centers.

2020 revenue growth: 25.7%

Trustpilot rating: 3.2 (Average)

Amazon furniture stores japan

Iris Plaza

One of Japan’s largest online retailers, Iris Plaza operates almost exclusively inside the nation. While it provides toys, games, and electricals, a large percentage of its sales are attributed to furniture and homeware, which also sells on other eCommerce sites like Amazon.

The company operates a vast fulfillment operation to rival other Asian commerce sites such as Alibaba and Wish. As such, they are one of the largest in Japan. In 2020, Iris Plaza enjoyed enormous growth of more than 400% sales increases attributed to Covid-19.

2020 revenue growth: 442.4%

Trustpilot rating: N/A

Iris Plaza furniture stores japan


Joshin is another large eCommerce retailer with established roots and businesses across the nation. They operate similarly to Amazon and Iris Plaza and sell almost anything from electronics and jewelry to homeware and furniture.

Founded in 1948, Joshin has been in business for 73 years. Throughout, they have provided a high-quality service across 220 stores and their excellent online storefront by over 4,000 employees. Joshi averages around $4 billion in annual revenue.

2020 revenue growth: 29.9%

Trustpilot rating: N/A

Joshin furniture stores japan


Launched in the UK in 1993, QVC is perhaps best known as one of the world’s premier shopping TV channels. Yet, its commitment to providing quality products extends to online retail. Started as an exclusive commercial product seller for Sky TV, the company now operates across multiple broadcast services and the internet.

In addition to almost any product imaginable, the company also stocks furniture, home décor and homeware items. Many of their products come from established and trusted brands such as Martha Stewart, Home Worx, and Scott Living. The proud history and extended reach of QVC means it generates huge profits annually, with a record $11 billion in sales during 2020.

2020 revenue growth: 16.2%

Trustpilot rating: N/A

QVC furniture stores japan


Muji is one of Japan’s most popular brands. They offer a wide range of household goods and furniture such as living room and bedroom items. In addition, they sell storage solutions, stationery, and cosmetic products. Unlike most Japanese online retailers, Muji operates in the United States and Great Britain.

The company’s rise is legendary since it began with just 40 products in 1980. Today, it has kept a sterling reputation with a well-known public policy of recycling and sustainability awareness. Muji operates online and across 970 stores. The company makes approximately $3.7 billion annually, of which 40% comes from its foreign operations.

2020 revenue growth: 96.8%

Trustpilot rating: N/A

Muji furniture stores japan


IKEA is a global phenomenon and one of the most popular brands in the world. This is due to its reasonably-priced flat-pack, self-assembly furniture. Founded in Sweden in 1943 by 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad, the company has positioned itself into a dominating place among the best brands of the furniture world.

Currently, IKEA operates 445 stores over five continents with an employee number of 208,000 in addition to a large-scale online presence. The company’s dedication to high-quality furniture, homeware, and utility installations, makes it an annual revenue of around $50 billion.

2020 revenue growth: 48.3%

Trustpilot rating: 1.5 (Bad)

IKEA furniture stores japan


Based in Hyogo, MonotaRO operates solely online and currently has no physical stores. One of the world’s premier eCommerce sites, they don’t sell typical furniture. Instead, MonotaRO offers a wide range of equipment and accessories for the home, commerce, and industry, such as gardening supplies, office furniture, and kitchen equipment.

The company operates via various large distribution centers across Japan, which has allowed them to extend business to China, Korea, and India. At present, they also employ more than 2,000 staff with annual revenue of around $1.5 billion.

2020 revenue growth: 22.8%

Trustpilot rating: N/A

MonotaRO furniture stores


Recognized as one of the world’s most extensive wholesale operations, Costco offers a wide range of products from candy and cakes to gardening supplies and living room furniture and hot tubs. In addition, the company is well-known for providing premium and luxury brands at a considerable discount over other retailers.

Established in Seattle, WA, the USA, in 1983 as a warehouse operation, Costco has grown into a multinational corporation. It operates 804 stores over five continents, and like other large wholesalers, has a vast web presence since the nature of the business lends itself well to eCommerce fulfillment. In addition, Costco’s army of 273,000 employees helps it make annual revenue of $166 billion.

2020 revenue growth: 240.6%

Trustpilot rating: N/A

CostCo furniture stores japan


Not to be confused with the infamous demon of lore and horror fiction and formerly known as START TODAY, ZOZO is one of the most active B2B eCommerce sites operating from Japan. The company is well-known for its clothing and accessories brands, yet they also offer a wide range of furniture and homeware from some of the world’s best contemporary brands.

The company began as a small operation selling CDs and records on the internet in 2006. As of June 2021, ZOZO employs 1,331 staff members across various Japan distribution centers, warehouses, and offices. They also offer business services in China, South East Asia, and New Zealand with stores on eBay.

2020 revenue growth: 17.3%

Trustpilot rating: N/A

ZOZO furniture stores japan

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