Best Online Furniture Stores USA

October 09, 2021 by Admin

When it comes to decorating and furnishing any home, anyone can tell you that furniture is a pretty big investment. You should feel confident in your decision whenever you’re purchasing your furniture. It needs to be high quality and you shouldn’t have to question how long it’s going to last.  When it comes to furniture stores nowadays, they can be in-store or just online. In-store shops are wonderful for allowing you to get a look at furniture.

You’re able to see how big it is, feel the texture, test out the furniture by sitting on it. Plus the knowledgeable staff and the return policies help in making your shopping experience good. When it comes to online shopping, they can have some helpful perks too such as online-only selections, special deals, free swatches, affordable delivery, free delivery, free assembly, and even helpful shopping guides. Furniture shopping both online and offline are fantastic. This is the list of some of the best online furniture stores USA.

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IKEA is notable for its giant spaced-out warehouse- like shops, Swedish snacks, and the do-it-yourself. But did you know they had an online section too? They have their website where you can directly order through rather than driving to the store, walking through the vignettes, until you get to the warehouse section. Going to IKEA is very time-consuming, but thankfully it no longer needs to be. You can still look at examples of rooms on their website to get an idea of what you want and how you may want to decorate and furnish your home. Plus there’s no need to worry, the prices online are the same prices that you would pay in-store as well. You’ll only need to pay for the shipping.

Ikea furniture store


Anthropologie is a very popular department store that offers a lot of online-only exclusives. Their personality-packed designs and styles are sure to make your home stand out. Whether you’re after a boho-chic appearance, contemporary-modern, or even just wanting to make the most Insta-worthy space in your home, you’re bound to find it all at Anthropologie. They also have furniture consultants on their website in case you have any questions or are looking for some advice.

Anthropologie furniture store


Wayfair is one of the most popular online stores for Americans to purchase their furniture and home décor. Wayfair’s budget-friendly options help in making this website a one-stop shop for all home furnishings from recliners, sectionals, to even dining sets. Customers can purchase more high-end brands as well if they’re interested in something higher in quality. One of the more remarkable things about Wayfair and why customers love them would also have to be their custom furnishing options.

wayfair furniture store

Home Depot

Home Depot has it all, from tools, building materials, plumbing, gardening, and furniture. This store truly has it all! One of the biggest and most common furniture stores USA has, you can count on having a great experience both online and in-store.

Home Depot has their very own in-house brand called Home Decorators Collection, but they also carry other well-known brands in their furniture section such as Serta and Noble House. Whatever you’re looking for, whether it be a bed for your room or patio furniture for the backyard, you can count on Home Depot and their affordable shipping rates to deliver.

Home Depot store

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn has been around for decades and their catalogs and in-store experience have always been loved. This traditional home retailer is also online, and they still deliver in giving their customers a wonderful shopping experience. Pottery Barn offers their design assistance for free for customers, this is going to help anybody in assessing what sort of furniture will complement their space. They also offer virtual room planners which can help in rearranging furniture pieces to give your space the ultimate appearance.

Pottery Barn store


If you’re searching for more modular furniture, then Burrow is your best bet. When it comes to Furniture Stores USA, you can expect very stylish and high-end products from Burrow such as lights, accessories, coffee tables, sofas, and shelving units. They offer a wide range in their selections. A lot of their furniture, such as their sofas are sectionals that are very easy to pack when you’re a frequent mover. While Burrow is on the higher end of the price tag, its high-quality craftsmanship and materials all make it worth it.

Burrow store

West Elm

West Elm is a very popular furniture store for anybody who loves mid century and industrial-style furniture. They have a very strong focus on being eco-friendly, fair trade, and having high-quality furniture. While their home décor and furnishings are more on the expensive side, it’s completely worth it knowing that your beautiful furniture was sustainably and ethically sourced. They have a variety in their selection offering color options, upholstery, and other customizable services to create the furnishings of your dreams. This brand is iconic for its beautiful silhouettes and ethical viewpoints, plus they offer unlimited flat rate shipping.

West Elm furniture store

Urban Outfitters

While Urban Outfitters is mostly known for their fashion, they’re a very popular furniture store that offers home décor that’s more on the unique side. You’re going to find furniture and home accessories that have an emphasis on being different, this can include using more natural materials, odd shapes, and textures that are not common for furniture. It’s ideal for a more artistic or boho look, but whatever style you’re trying to create, there’s bound to be something for you at Urban Outfitters. They offer large and small furnishings such as couches, armchairs, end tables, and light fixtures and so much more. While their shipping fee is a little high, ( $99.95), it’s a flat rate and it’s for your entire order.

Urban Outfitters furniture

Rove Concepts

Customers who are trying to achieve a more contemporary look will love Rove Concepts, while their furniture is at a must higher price point, you can expect nothing but the best. This includes long-lasting comfortable furniture for years to come. Their luxurious furniture is considered more of an investment, but they offer plenty of sales and vouchers for interested customers.

Rove Concepts furniture

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